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Q: What kind of vinyl do you use and how long will it last?
A: We use only top of the line, high performance vinyl that has a life expectancy of eight to ten years. As long as the vinyl is properly cared for, it should withstand normal wear and tear from the outdoor elements.

Q: Can you wash and wax over the lettering?
A: Actually, you can wash and wax right over the lettering the minute it’s applied. There’s no required drying time for the vinyl adhesive. The adhesive will continue to become more aggressive over time with exposure to heat from the sun. The vinyl requires no extra preventative maintenance once it’s on your boat other than normal washing and waxing.

Q: Is it easy to install?
A: If you plan to do the installation yourself, the vinyl you order comes with an instruction sheet and an application squeegee. The instruction sheet is very easy to follow and further questions can be answered by contacting us.

Q: How is the price figured?
A: The price is based on the total amount of vinyl used.  If we’re doing the installation, there will also be an associated labor charge.  Specialty vinyl (reflective, gold leaf) carries an extra charge and design fees are also added as appropriate.

Q: Is this a form of a painted name?
A: No.  There is no painting involved in our work. All of our vinyl names are computer generated decals. They are basically sticker/decals in the simplest of terms with an adhesive backing already applied.

Q: How do I get my old name off?
A: If your present boat or truck has lettering on it already the removal is rather simple for vinyl. Most vinyl decals will peel right off if you are careful and work slowly. Just lift a corner of a letter with your fingernail and peel back slowly. Heating with a hair dryer or heat gun may be necessary to allow the vinyl to become more pliable when removing, especially in colder weather. If heating is necessary, work small areas for short periods of time. Excessive heating of vinyl will cause it to stretch and break off in small pieces. You may consider heating a small area, pulling off the vinyl and then continuing the same process over until completed. The vinyl will most likely leave some glue behind on the surface it is applied on. Once you remove all of the vinyl, the remaining glue residue can be removed with denatured alcohol and paper towels. Do not use cloth towels which retain the adhesive and will continue to smear it around the surface. When wiping the area with paper towels be sure to constantly fold and change the towel to trap removed glue. Dispose of paper towels frequently during this process. 
If your name is painted on the removal will be a little more difficult. Test and try these methods in a small, inconspicuous area to make sure that no harm will be done to the gelcoat, fiberglass or paint. We do not take responsibility for any damage that may be caused by any chemicals used to remove either vinyl or painted lettering. The following methods are only suggestions that have been tried and have been effective under various conditions. You must assume all responsibility for removal. The first method is to take some acetone and soak it into a sponge, (protective gloves and plenty of fresh air ventilation are necessary when using most of these products.) Next, hold the sponge onto the lettering for 5 to 10 seconds allowing the acetone to soften the painted letters. Remove the sponge from the contact area and scrape the existing lettering with a plastic squeegee, then rinse with water and wipe with a paper towel. 
The lettering should begin to come off. This process is very timely and requires patience. If the acetone does not work, oven cleaner, paint thinners or mineral spirits may have to be used in the same manner.

Q: If I get a bubble under the lettering how do I get it out?
A: Most small air bubbles will come out over time as the sun heats the vinyl. Vinyl shrinks and contracts with weather changes and most small air bubbles will dissipate over time. If a larger air bubble occurs you can prick the middle of the bubble with a pin and push the air towards the middle where the pin hole is located. Be careful and push the air equally from all sides so that you do not pinch or roll the vinyl over in the process.

Q: Are custom logos available?
A: Yes, we offer custom logo design. Please contact us more information.

Q: Can you use my files?

A: Certainly! Email us your AI or EPS files. Most programs can “SAVE AS’ or “EXPORT” one of these formats. Please do not send other formats which can only be read by certain programs. If using Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator, be sure to convert all text to curves before sending.

Q: Can I preview the name on my boat or truck?
A: Yes, send us a picture taken directly in front of the area to be lettered (angled shots will not work) and a scale measurement and we sill superimpose the graphic on your boat or truck for you to make sure it fits perfectly.

If you have further questions, feel free to e-mail us or  phone: (508) 763-0200.